The ultimate buy list to start flying RC for $150

The list

Here is my list of materials I used to start RC flying for cheap. I chosed to build a small plane, the FT Tiny Trainer as it's way less expansives to assemble and repair than bigger planes.

Enough talking ! Here it is :

Items Price ($)
FlySky FS i6 and FS iA6 Receiver 50
B6 Mini Compact Charger 40
4 Emax ES9051 Digital Mini Servo 15
EMAX MT1806 KV2280 Brushless Motor 12.66
Dollar tree foam board 10
EMAX BLHeli Series 16A 8.10
7.4V 800MAH 2S 25C Lipo Battery 6
4 Propeller 6x3 4.60
2 One pair XT30 connector 2.90
Bullet Connector (5 pairs) 1.89
TOTAL $151.15

With this list I assume you allready own some tools or can borrow its. You will need (non exaustive): - soldering iron - glue gun - cutter - power supply for the charger (15V DC 2A mini) - screwdriver - ruberband - tape - a wide table with protection cover to keep it clean

As we are in DIY mode you will have to print and cut the foam following the plans you can found here. You will have to modify the charger lead to fit a XT30 as it's not delivered with by default.

In the list bellow I added options and alternatives to the stuff I listed above. The aim is to fit your need with some good and bad stuff to go cheaper or not.

My FT Tiny trainer and it's controller


  • iA6B Receiver - Add telemetry to your plane + $5
  • 15V 3A transformator + $8
  • Solder iron + tan + $15
  • Hot glue gun and a few sticks (3-4 minimum) + $15
  • If you don't live in the US and wont be able to buy easly Dollar tree foam board add $10 and go to your local artistic shop
  • Cheaper charger that I don't advice you to buy : B3 Compact Charger for 2 and 3S LiPo It stoped working in a few days.
  • XT30 Charger lead if your too lazy to solder it yourself ^_^


How I made this list ?

This list is some kind of currated materials to start flying for cheap. I read so much stuff on the internet that I think I should write it somewhere not to forget what I discovered and learned.

Why buy on banggod ?

Affordable prices, free shipping, discount, large choices. As all the rc stuff is made in chine, why not buy directly from them ? Hell yeah mondialization !

Are chinese stuff good ?

You should be supprised that even at a low price, the stuff I bought almost a year ago still work like a charm. Everu piece of technology is made in china so...

XT30 plugs ? Why don't go JST ?

XT30 plugs are light and well secure connectors. I noticed that they are more and more used by the industry, it's time to adopt this plugs for your light projects ;-)